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03-04 Juli 2008
09:00 – 16:00

Patra Office Tower

Rp. 2.500.000,-
(termasuk hard & soft copy materi, Sertifikat, Lunch & Coffee Break, souvenir, Seminar Kit)

The training is based on Mr. Ira Isherman hands on experiences in the last 20 years as a management consultant for Advanced Management@ reports in 1370 Avenue of the America – New York, NY 10019 USA, prior to becoming a consultant, Ira was the Assistant Director of Labour Relations for Macy’s New York and blend with The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.
The program is designed to assist the participants in recognizing the everyday nature of the negotiating process and into improve the participants negotiating skills in all areas.

1. Adult Learning Principles.
2. Experiential Learning.
3. Self Profiling Instruments.

– Introduction – Program Objectives and Methodologies.
– The Negotiation Process – Who is here, Why we are here, What are the issue, Let’s find a settlement and We have a settlement.
– The Effective Negotiator – Awareness, Intuition, The ability to read the opponent’s signals, Patience, Flexibility, Good listening skills, Persistence, Win/ Win orientation, Power, Expertise, Communication, Planning, Creativity, Personable, Know Thyself, Empathy and High Aspirations.
– Questionnaires – Negotiation Self-Analysis.
– Individual Frames of References – Motives, Prior Experiences, Emotional State. Inner Self, Cultural Upbringing, Organizational and Family.
– The Art of Asking Questions – Restricted Questions & Open Ended Questions and Discourages Discussion & Encourages Discussion.
– Needs Satisfaction – Need for Achievement, Need for Affiliation and Need for Power.
– Negotiating Ranges – Range of Agreement, Range of Acceptability, Range of Discussion, Range of Minimal Interest and Range of Rejection.
– Summary of the day.
– Review on day 1 topics – QA.
– Negotiating Strategies – Avoidance/Lose-Lose, Accommodation/Lose-Win, Win-Lose, Compromise and Win-Win.
– Negotiating Strategies – Avoidance/Lose-Lose, Accommodation/Lose-Win, Win-Lose, Compromise and Win-Win.
– Tactics – Good Guy & Bad Guy, We’re the best, I’m not the decision maker, Self-Admonishment, The Innocent One, Bit by Bit, Invoke the Competition, Undermining, Fishing, Quick Close, Funny Money, Doomsday and “ It’s not Industry Practice ”
– Creative Problem Solving – Arbitrary Quota, Involves evaluation and the suspending of judgement, Analogy and Random Stimulation.
– Developing Leverage – Rationality, Psychological Influence and Power.
– Dealing with Conflict – Frustration, Conceptualization and The Dynamics of the Negotiation.
– Compromise, Hostility, Manipulation and Coercion.
– Program summary – QA.

Those who want to build and strengthening their negotiating skills.

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