Cable Fault Location For Testing Of Underground Power Cable. WA : 0899-8121-246
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Cable Fault Location For Testing Of Underground Power Cable

Cable Fault Location For Testing Of Underground Power Cable

22-24 November 2011

Waktu Penyelenggaraan
08:00 – 16: 00 WIB

Tempat Pelaksanaan
IBIS Hotel Yogyakarta

Tugino, ST., MT ( Enclosed CV)

This training program has been designed to thoroughly instruct personnel in state-of-the-art cable fault locating and cable testing methods. The course uses a combination of classroom lectures, demonstrations and hands-on field experiments to teach the trainee cable testing and cable fault locating. The course material has been selected to train the fault locator, cable tester or troubleman to produce results safely, faster and less expensively, with consistently reliable results. Utilities can realize substantial savings in cable replacement and manpower budgets with HDW’s expert cable fault locating and cable testing training and guidelines.

The objective of this course is to train utility personnel, fault locators and testers in state-of-the-art cable fault locating and cable testing while keeping additional damage to the good cable system to a minimum. At the conclusion of this program, the trainees will:

  • Be able to locate faults with minimum risk to good cable
  • Be familiar with state-of-the-art cable fault locating and cable testing technique and equipment
  • Be able to select the right tool to do the job right


  1. Background
  2. Introduction
  3. Safety and Isolation of Supply
  4. Pressure Testing and Faulty Core Identification
  5. Identifying the type of fault
  6. Cable Fault Locating Analysis and Flow Chart
  7. Frequency of Faults
  8. Cable Fault Locating Methods
    • Measure Bridge Method
    • Voltage Drop Method
    • Audio Frequency Twist Method
    • Surge Generator or Acoustic Fault Location Method
    • Cable Sheath Fault Location
    • Time Domain Reflectometry, “Scope Method”
    • Fault Burning: DC Pressure Test and HV Diode
    • Impulse Current Method “ICE Method”
    • Decay Method
    • Secondary Impulse Method, “SIM Method”
  9. Cable Fault Locating Procedures
  10. Cable Fault Locating Hints
  11. Cable Diagnostics
  12. Using AC and VLF to determine Cable Condition
  13. Tan Delta and Partial Discharge – What they mean for a cable and how to use them to determine a cables condition.
  14. Electrical Testing of Switchgear, Transformers, Motors & Useful Testing and Monitoring Data.

The course has been designed to train troublemen, linemen, technicians, supervisors and engineers in state-of-the-art cable fault locating and cable testing with minimum risk to good cable. The instructors pay attention to the specific needs of all class attendees.

Case Study

Rp 6.550.000,-/ participant Nett Non Residential
Note: All training classes will have a minimum of 5 participants

Training Kit
Lunch & Snack

Kode : 4666473


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