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Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Technique

Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Technique

25 – 26 January 2011

Jam Pelaksanaan
08.30 – 17.00 WIB

Hotel Le Meridien, Jakarta

Pembicara / Fasilitator
Beliau adalah managing partner BPM Solution, berpengalaman dalam operasional dan Information System Management. Sebelum mendirikan BPM Solution, ia memegang jabatan di posisi manajemen di bank lokal dan asing, dan juga sebagai Senior Consultant untuk sektor finansial di IBM Asia Pacific, Singapore, mencakup regional Asia Pacific Region. Pada saat ini fokus pada bidang Business Continuity Management dan fokus pada organisasi di Indonesia.

Dra. Magdalena Wenas, M.Comm
Beliau sangat berpengalaman dalam manajemen komunikasi krisis dan komunkikasi perusahaan. Ia sebelumnya bekerja sebagai direktur dari salah satu organisasi besar dan beberapa posisi manajemen senior di Indonesia . Pada saat ini ia adalah Presiden dari PR Society Indonesia, CEO & pendiri MR-PR Cons Indonesia, Chairman Center for Strategic Communication & Reputation Management dan beberapa posisi senior pada organisasi lainnya di Indonesia.

Rp. 5.300.000
Rp. 4.600.000 (Lunas sebelum tanggal 18 Januari 2011)

Introduction of workshop
An organization’s strength and character can be defined by its ability to respond to critical incidents. Crises may occur, on average, every four or five years. Prompt and effective response will not only limit the damage to the company, but will reduce the effect upon staff and their families.

A crisis is any event or series of events that threaten a severe negative impact to an organization’s financial performance, brand, reputation, or to its relationships with employees, customers, or suppliers. The impact of crises can be serious for companies, largely because of their unpredictability. They can be amplified by poor management preparation, “silo” culture, or inadequate communication.

Crises are driven by internal or external events or a collision of the two:

  1. Severe weather/natural disasters
  2. Infrastructure disruptions
  3. Terrorism, executive kidnapping, extortion
  4. Reorganizations, mergers or acquisitions gone awry
  5. Insider or rogue trading scandals
  6. Strikes and employee sabotage
  7. Product recalls
  8. IT security breaches
  9. Workplace violence
  10. Disease exposure
  11. Death of a leader
  12. Etc.

Because good businesses learn from mistakes, they rarely face the same crisis twice. The crisis situation should be managed well to prevent the situation from moving forward into disaster situation.

Crisis management is no longer only for those assigned to the task; it is for each and every person. Every experience of a crisis or disaster situation has shown how ordinary people have to rise to the challenges of a crisis, from securing the site of the incident and appraising the ground, to handling the media’s demands. Above all, crisis management efforts should be directed towards helping the organization recover and rise from the embers of the crisis and ensure continuity.

CM-135 is a two day course for participants to guide professional who are appointed with the responsibilities to manage crisis, event or disaster. The course is an experiential facilitated workshop led by experienced instructors.
This course will help participant to understand crisis management disciplines and principles of crisis management and communication technique.

Course Objectives
Participants will emerge with a clear understanding on the expectation of crisis management and its processes. These include the understanding of the following:

  • Business Continuity & Crisis Management Fundamentals
    • What is business continuity
    • What is the difference between crisis and disaster?
    • Threats to organizatio
    • What is the difference between crisis management plan, business continuity plan and Disaster recovery plan?
    • What is crisis management?
    • Key success factors of crisis management.
    • Benefit of crisis management
  • Crisis management planning methodology
  • Types of crisis
  • Risk Analysis and Review
  • Crisis management team development
  • Command center development and operation
  • Command and control of the command center
  • Crisis management and response plan
  • Communication protocol development
  • Testing and Exercising
  • Crisis Communications with some topics
    • The contextual environment of the tone
    • The type and scale of event
    • Likely media interest in the events
    • Potential interest and reaction by other stakeholders
    • Preparation and content
      • Crisis communication policy
      • Media statement development
      • Media coordination (internal and external)
      • Command center
      • Media mapping strategy
      • How to choose the right person to communicate to internal and external
      • Guidelines for spokespeople
      • Media response plan (internal and external)
    • Social Media
    • The difference between image and reputation
    • Characteristics of effective crisis communication
    • Do and don’t in media management in a crisis situation

The participants are expected to be able to develop crisis management plan and team, and coordinate the organization to develop crisis communication plan.

In order that the participants can get full benefit of the course, the course will be conducted in Indonesian language

Who should Attend
Senior Management, Manager, PR Manager, BCM Manager and/or professionals who are assigned to handle crisis management.


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