Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Secretary & Administrative Professionals. WA : 0899-8121-246
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Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Secretary & Administrative Professionals

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Secretary & Administrative Professionals

25-26 November 2009

Jam Pelaksanaan
08.30-17.00 WIB

Patra Office Tower 17th Floor,
Suite 1718
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.32-34
Jakarta 12950

Rp. 2.750.000/peserta
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Apa yang akan Anda Pelajari:
1. Learning Objectives

0. Explain Basic Accounting Concepts,Terminology and Processes, and the Relevance to a Business Department
0. Explain the Components of an Annual Report
o. Analyze a Set of Financial Statements to Evaluate the Business’ Financial Health
o. Differentiate the Financing Options Available to a Business and Situations Where Each Might Be Used

2. Understanding the Key Financial Statements and Their Significance

o. State the Purpose of and the Interrelationship Among:
– Income Statement
– Balance Sheet
– Retained Earnings Statement
– Cash Flow Statement
o. Define the Key Components of Each Statement

3. Understanding the Accounting Process

o. Define the Five Types of Accounts
– Asset
– Liability
– Equity
– Revenue
– Expense
o. Explain the Accounting Process from Transaction Entry to Closing the Books
o. State the Significance of Double-Entry Accounting
o. Determine the Impact of Different Types of Transactions on the Accounting System

4. Understanding the Components of an Annual Report and Auditor’s Role

o. Describe the Differences in Financial Reporting for Public, Private, Not-for-Profit, and
Government Organizations
o. Differentiate Among the Different Types of Audits
o. State the Role of the External Auditor in the Financial Reporting Process
o. Evaluate the Different Sections in an Annual Report and Discuss the Significance of Each

5. Evaluating an Organization’s Financial Statements
o. Discuss the Varying Reasons for Statement Analysis and Their Impact on the Process
o. Calculate Commonly Used Financial Ratios
o. Evaluate the Financial Health of a Business in the Areas of Liquidity, Leverage and

6. Financing the Business

o. Discuss the Role of Leveraging in Improving Return to the Shareholders
o. Discuss the Role of Short-Term Financing in Meeting an Organization’s Financial Needs
o. Differentiate Between the Various Long-Term Financing Alternatives and Understand Their Impact on the Business
o. Identify Appropriate Financing Alternatives for Different Types of Business Needs

7. Budgeting More Effectively
o. Explain the Purpose of a Budgeting System and Provide an Overview of the Entire Process
o. Differentiate Among Commonly Used Budgeting Systems
o. Budget for Common Expense Categories
o. Analyze Budget Variances as to Their Significance and Cause
o. Budget for Special Events and Projects

An introduction to the fundamentals of accounting for administrative assistants, secretaries, executive
secretary and other administrative professionals,this seminar gives you an understanding of the
financial aspects of business to ensure budgets and expenses stay on track.

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professionals will give you the
confidence to deal with financial information accurately and efficiently.

By attending this course, you will cover:
o. Different methods of cash flow
o. Basic accounting and budgeting
o. Double-entry accounting
o. The annual report and the auditor’s role
o. Evaluating a company’s financial statements

Who Should Attend
Administrative assistants, secretaries, executive
secretaries and other administrative professionals
working with managers or executives who handle
financial matters.

How You Will Benefit:
o. Learn how to apply the basics of accounting for administrative professionals’ duties
o. Understand accounting language, key terms and financial definitions
o. Understand financial statement analysis and balance sheet analysis
o. Study annual reports to determine your company’s overall condition
o. Gain familiarity with the accounting process
o. Assist your manager with the ability to make bottom-line decisions with knowledge of the numbers end of the business
o. Dramatically expand your professional expertise…and open up new career possibilities for yourself

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