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The Certified program from Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in Indonesia in association with Middle Earth Consultants India

10 – 11 November 2010

Jam Pelaksanaan
9.00 am – 17.00 pm

Jl. Kemang Raya 2H
Kebayoran Baru

Pembicara / Fasilitator
Sushant Garg

Rp. 5.000.000,-/peserta
Sudah termasuk sertifikat, makan siang, 2 kali snack

Industry sector is continuously facing an ever-increasing rate of change in the functions and the work environment. In such conditions managers are challenged to provide employees with a sense of direction, feedback and guidance to their subordinates. They themselves are in need to be successful and to have positive thinking that they can impact the same on their teams and the organization. They need to function as a guide by the side of their juniors and not as a sage on the stage. This 2-day training program will equip managers with the necessary coaching and counseling skills to address employee performance and behavior, and improve their motivation and productivity. In The Coach and Counselor program, you’ll learn to take people from adequacy to excellence.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  1. Distinguish between coaching, counseling, mentoring and when and where to use what.
  2. Learn the structure and skills for coaching and counseling.
  3. Understand the different motivators and learning style.
  4. Learn communication skills for effective coaching/counseling.
  5. Understand the magic of belief system.
  6. Know how to make Strategic questions to determine a client’s belief system.
  7. Know how to use the johari window for changing beliefs.
  8. Be able to evaluate and measure the outcomes of coaching/counseling

This training program consists of 4 modules with various topics covered under each head. This program deepens your knowledge and provides skills that are related to coaching /counseling. Participants will be able to go back to their organizations with a positive experience which can be confidently shared and developed; organizations can use this workshop to initiate the introduction of a coaching culture or to further enhance and clarify existing practice.

This training program is for supervisors/managers, HR managers.

Coaching and counseling basics

* Differences between coaching counseling and mentoring
* When do you use what
* Where do you use it
* When do you use it.

Structure and skills for coaching and mentoring

* Structure of a coaching session
* Skills required in a Coaching session
* Coaching and mentoring model
* SEEDS model
* 3 stage model

Understanding motivators and learning style

* Understanding motivators
* Understanding and identifying different ‘learning styles’

Communication skills for effective coaching/ counselling

* Probing
* Listening
* Paraphrasing / summarizing/ clarifying
* Body language
* Appreciative enquiry
* Differentiate between positive and constructive feedback
– EDGE model
– DISC model

Module 5:
The Magic of Belief Systems:

* Changing your belief about reality – is a powerful way to change your reality.
* Patterns of perception
* Strategic questions to determine a client’s belief system.
* Working with a client’s belief system
* Using the johari window for changing beliefs

Module 6:
Evaluating and outcomes of coaching / counseling

* Barriers & pitfalls
* Terminating
* Setting milestones
* Measuring outcome


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