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Warehouse Operating Part 1 For Practitioners

Warehouse Operating Part 1 For Practitioners

4-6 September 2012

09 AM – 04 PM

Synopsis and Objectives
The warehouse is an important part of the supply chain strategy.   It is becoming more challenging, as the warehouse has to perform more than just simply providing storage services to customers.  Specifically, the course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Design the processes for a warehouse operation highlighting the key control points.
  2. Select the appropriate storage and material handling equipment for a given warehouse operations;
  3. Plan and organise the operations in a warehouse.

An understanding on the role of warehouse in the supply chain management process will be provided to participants.  The standard processes of a warehouse will be shared with the participants focusing on the key control points, which will help to ensure inventory accuracy.  The course will also cover the various activities performed in a warehouse and highlight the impact of these activities on customer service and cost. Participants will be introduced to the various types of storage system and material handling equipment used and their impacts on the layout of the warehouse will also be highlighted.

Learning and Teaching Methods

  1. The participants will learn the principles and knowledge through a combination of teaching methods.
  2. Each topic will be introduced to the participants using notes and multimedia presentation.
  3. Case studies and group discussions will be used to help participants reinforced the learning and apply the knowledge.
  4. Actual industry experiences and practices will be incorporated to help participants relate theory to practice.

Target Audiance
Warehouse Supervisor / Executive

Topics & Learning Objectives

  1. Role and Importance of the Warehouse in the Supply Chain
    • Outline the role of warehouse in the supply chain.
    • Differentiate between a warehouse and a distribution centre.
    • Differentiate between a 3PL-operated warehouse and an owner-operated warehouse.
    • Outline the importance of warehouse in Supply Chain
  2. Key Warehouse Activities – controls and processes
    • Identify the activities perform by warehouse.
    • Identify the services provided by warehouse.
    • Describe the typical process for the key warehouse activities.
    • Outline the key control points for the key warehouse activities.
  3. Inventory Control
    • Explain the impact of poor inventory control on service level and cost.
    • Identify the sources of inventory inaccuracy and appropriate control measures.
    • Explain the importance of cycle counting and stock taking.
    • Outline the steps to organize and execute a cycle count.
    • Outline the steps to organize and execute a stock take for the warehouse.
  4. Housekeeping and Safety
    • Explain the security considerations when managing a warehouse or distribution centre.
    • Explain the importance and various aspects of warehouse safety.
  5. IT Applications in Warehouse
    • Explain the importance of information technology to warehouse operations.
    • Outline the various types of identification and data capture technologies applied to warehouse operations.
    • Describe the functions of a typical warehouse management system.
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