Waste Handling In The Oil, Gas & Geothermal Indutries. WA : 0899-8121-246
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Waste Handling In The Oil, Gas & Geothermal Indutries

Waste Handling In The Oil, Gas & Geothermal Indutries

19 – 21 May 2014
16 – 18 June 2014
14 – 16 July 2014
28 – 30 August 2014
22 – 24 September 2014
16 – 18 October 2014
13 – 15 November 2014
11 – 13 December 2014

VENUE :   Hotel Kagum Group Bandung (Golden Flower, Banana Inn, Grand Seriti, Carrcadin, Amaroossa, Grand Serela, Gino Feruci, Verona Palace, Malaka, Zodiac Taurus)


Handling and disposal of wastes generated in oil and gas exploration and production has received significant attention in recent years. This heightened interest has been a result of the public and regulatory agencies focus on environmental protection. Because of this, the oil industry has directed emphasis on waste handling and disposal to ensure that these wastes are properly managed. From company’s perspective, proper waste management is an important part of doing business. As a company, they must be concerned with compliance with applicable waste regulations, minimizing the impact of wastes on the environment, and the reduction of potential liability associated with improperly disposed waste. This must be accomplished within certain economic bounds. Also eliminating or minimizing the generation of waste is becoming more critical, both environmentally and economically, as a means of reducing waste-related liabilities and costs. The 3 day course covers regulations and waste management basics, from generation to disposal.  The curriculum is designed to provide the information needed as a waste professional, regardless of skill level. The Waste Management course is a must attend for all individuals with overall waste compliance responsibilities.  This course provides the tools needed for the job.

Upon completion of the training, the participants will have improvement in:

  • Knowledge on hazardous and non-hazardous wastes:  generation, characteristics and impacts on occupational safety, health and environment.
  • Understanding waste management principles including waste minimization or cleaner production
  • Practical knowledge on the proper identification, segregation, containerization, temporary storage
  • Transportation, treatment and safe disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
  • Translating the principles and knowledge on waste management into strategic problems solving

Managers, supervisors, environmental coordinators and/or engineer, health and safety coordinators, and consultants all benefit from this training.  Many of our participants attend because they have responsibility to back up the designated environmental coordinator at the facility.
Superintendent and Supervisor of Operational function, Legal Counsel, Waste Management Team, Transportation and Logistics Division as well as Health, Safety & Environmental senior staff.
The recommended participant may include key personnel whose activities are most likely to impact the environment and or producing industrial wastes.


  1. Overview: oil and gas industry activities due to wastes generated
  2. Overview: environmental tools eg.ISO-14001 EMS/PROPER vs wastes generated
  3. Legal requirements: local-national-regional-international
  4. Waste Management Inventory:
    •    Waste types
    •    Finding
  5. Waste Management Options Evaluation
    •    Waste Minimization: “3R”
    •    Storage
    •    Waste Treatment (physical, chemical, biological)
    •    Disposal
  6. Waste Management Hierarchy
  7. Area Waste Management Plan: Format, Goals, Objectives and Action Guidelines:
    •    Drilling
    •    Workover/Completion
    •    Production
    •    Miscellaneous (warehouse, medical, kitchen, etc)
  8. Labeling/Coding
  9. Personal Protective Equipment
  10. Clean Production:
  11. Emergency Response Plan
  12. 3rd Party support: how to selection?
  13. Case Study: lesson – learn
  14. Inspections and Audit

INSTRUCTOR :  Ir. Wahyu Priatna Affandi, M.Env.


  • Rp 6.500.000/peserta (bayar penuh)  atau
  • Rp 6.250.000/peserta (early bird, yang membayar 1 minggu sebelum training) atau
  • Rp 5.950.000/peserta (grup, untuk 3 peserta atau lebih dari 1 perusahaan yang sama)


  • Modul Training
  • Flashdisk Training berisi materi training
  • Sertifikat
  • ATK: NoteBook dan Ballpoint
  • T-Shirt
  • Ransel
  • Foto Training
  • Ruang Training dengan fasilitas Full AC dan multimedia
  • Makan siang dan 2 kali coffeebreak
  • Instruktur yang Qualified
  • Transportasi untuk peserta dari hotel penginapan ke hotel tempat training – PP (jika peserta minimal dari satu perusahaan ada 4 peserta)

Ir.Wahyu Priatna Affandi,M.Si has more than 15 years experience of experience in waste management and petroleum business. He has experienced more than 25 years as a practitioner in world-class Petroleum Industries. Graduated from Petroleum Engineering of ITB, directly He started its career as a Production Operations Engineer in on-shore’s HUFFCO/VICO-Indonesia in 1982. Finally He left the company after more than 19 years of services (as a Reservoir Engineer, Production Operations Engineer, Tanker Coordinator until a Senior Environmental Coordinator for Kalimantan Operations). He has experienced in wastes handling both hazardous and non-hazardous classification when he was assistant to the Waste Management Chairman, including the impact to stakeholders, sensitive areas, etc .  He learned offshore in LASMO/Eni-Indonesia in HSE related matters. His  career now as an HSEQ advisor (OHSAS-18001/ISO-14001/ISO-9001) Audit & Certification, Developing OH, S, Environmental Program, Risk Assessment, Training, Waste Management and Community Development(CSR), etc.  He received a Master degree program on The Environmental Management, held by The Padjajaran University of Bandung and The Twente Enschede of Netherlands.  With many experiences and expertise, currently He is also a trainer in public and in-house training, workshop and other presentation with The Topics : Environmental Legislation – Anticipating Conflicts; Environmentally Safe Drilling Practice; Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering Operations; Waste Management: Regulatory – Strategy and Trends; Environmental-Based ‘Community Development”; HSE Campaign for Company Image; HSEQ  Management; Environmental Monitoring – key to pollution free; AMDAL (EIA) for The Executives; Environmental Auditing – WYSIWYG; Produced Water: Safely-Legally and Environmentally; Rain Water Harvesting: clean and cheap water for community (planning-design-evaluation); etc.


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