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Workshop World Class Human Resource Management

Workshop World Class Human Resource Management

Wednesday – Friday, 18 – 20 Desember 2013, 09.00 – 16.00 WITA
Hotel Harris Resort Kuta Beach

At this time the world is in an atmosphere of uncertainty resulting from the economic and financial crisis is prolonged. We know the impact of the crisis has hit Europe, especially Greece. And will soon be stomping Spain and Italy.

From experience management experts, the crisis could be overcome if the danger of a country, including other organizations, such as companies, NGOs and so on can only suurvive if it has qualified human resources. So they argued that the only effective way is to build first new human and other strategies. To be able to build a human in the organization, which first needs to be improved is the managers who work in the field of human resource management. For that they need the insights and skills on management of world-class human resources in order to help organizations become global class organization. Therefore it is a challenge for leaders who want their organizations to be a global class organization.

In this context, we offer some form of training program called the World Class Human Resource Management is designed based on the experience of world-class management experts, particularly those working in the field of HR. Thus we hope to participate in this program are expected to be able to realize the organization’s leaders desired vision of the organization so that his organization could grow into a world-class organization.



  1. Provide the knowledge and skills of world-class human resources management concept is aligned with the organization’s strategy to the participants
  2. Provide problem solving solutions and recommendations relating to the development of strategies, policies, systems and implementation of human resource management programs in order to build competitive advantage
  3. Promoting the development of performance-oriented culture globally.


  1. Lecture
  2. Discussion
  3. Games
  4. Individual and group assignments


  1. Building Company’s Vision
  2. Recommending a Strategy
  3. A Model for Competency-Based Human Resources Processes
  4. Overview about HR dept. Functions and Roles: Role Of International Strategic HRM and HR Competency Profile
  5. Organization Development: Defining Organization’s Vision and Mission
  6. Core Competencies
  7. Oganization Value
  8. Organization Structure
  9. Develop Job Description
  10. Competency Model and it’s Implications
  11. Industrial Relations
  12. Recruitment and Selection
  13. Compensation and Benefits
  14. Performance Management
  15. People Development
  16. Training Needs Analysis
  17. Competencies Gap Assessment
  18. High Potential Development: Setting Up Professional Development Plan and Objective
  19. Talent Management
  20. Succession Planning
  21. Secrets of HR Professional Development

To be able to implement effective change process, should that need this training is the leaders of organizations and companies, who are members of staff in the change management team, particularly in the field of HR. However, this training can also be followed by consultants and academics who play a role in helping solve problems and corporate organizations.

Rp.  5.000.000,- / person
incld (5x coffee break , 3x Lunch, Flash disk, materi hand-out dan sertifikat )

Hendra Kusnoto are alumni of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in 1984. In 1986 he continued his studies in the Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University majoring in Developmental Psychology. In the same year Mr. Hendra Kusnoto joined the University of Persada Indonesia “YAI ‘and founded the Faculty of Psychology of the first Indonesian private. He also briefly became the dean and the faculty teaching in the years 1987-1989. At that time he included the youngest dean in Indonesia. During teaching, Mr. Hendra Kusnoto studying business management autodidact. In 1989 the relevant work in PT Antam. In this company he is active in the field of human resources. In 1996 he studies in the field of Management and Business Administration at Melbourne University, Australia, and he was following the internship program and worked in leading companies Australia (Broken Hill Propriety / BHP). Upon his return from studies in Australia Br. Hendra Kusnoto write a book based on the results of research on the companies that exist in Australia. The book is titled “Best Management Practices in the World” and was published by Scholastic in 2001.

With the provision of knowledge and skills in the field of business management and human resources, in 1996 Mr. Kusnoto Hendra appointed as a member of the IPO team (inital public offering) to prepare a public company PT Antam. Since then he has constantly engaged in strategic team both in the field of business development and human resources. As a hobby learning never stops, he studied both self-taught change management and training within and outside the country. Although Bro. Hendra Kusnoto ever study of kangaroos in the country, but he was not satisfied, so in 1998 he studied international business management at the College of Management Prasetya Mulya, Jakarta.

In 2000, armed with knowledge and skills in the fields of business management, human resources and change management he was trusted by the leadership of PT Antam Tbk to lead the change management team to solidify the position of PT Antam Tbk, a company that is able to be a world-class company. For this purpose he studied the balanced scorecard directly from its creator, Dr.. David Norton. His role in the field of change management is also able to make the PT Antam Tbk, a leading company.

Since 2006 Mr. Hendra Kusnoto join a consulting firm that specializes in strategic management, change management, corporate governance and human resource management, in addition to that he also served as a personal advisor who provides training and consulting in several national and foreign companies, government agencies and non-business as well as education. Companies that have dealt a.l. Jasa Marga, Prog, PGN, PTPN IX, Swedish Match and others. To perform these tasks he obtained special permission from the head of the company. PT Antam Tbk own, lately he was appointed as the advisor of directors in the field of good corporate governance, management and human resource transformation.

So at a glance information about the profile of Mr. Hendra Kusnoto can hopefully bermanfat to enterprise development in Indonesia.


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