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Training Database Administrator

Database administrators ensure that business data is accurate, available and secure. The corporate database is the heart of key business systems that drive payroll, manufacturing, sales and more, so database administrators are recognized and rewarded for playing a crucial role in an organization’s success. Beyond database administrators’ high salary potential, DBA roles offer the personal satisfaction of solving business problems and seeing (in real-time) how your hard work benefits the firm.

A typical database administration learning plan begins with an undergraduate degree in computer science, database management, Computer Information Systems (CIS) or a related field of study. A balance of technical, business and communication skills is critical to a database administrator’s success and upward mobility, so the next step in a DBA’s education is often a graduate degree with an information systems concentration, such as a MBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) or CIS. Database administrators can continue to learn and advance their career by getting certified in one or more database management systems (DBMS); in-demand DBMS include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 & MySQL. Learn more about DBA education requirements and compare the top-rated database administrator training programs.


  1. Implement, support and manage the corporate database.
  2. Design and configure relational database objects.
  3. Are responsible for data integrity and availability.
  4. May design, deploy and monitor database servers.
  5. Design data distribution and data archiving solutions.
  6. Ensure database security, including backups & disaster recovery.
  7. Plan and implement application and data provisioning.
  8. Transfer database information to integrated mobile devices.
  9. Some database administrators design and develop the corporate database.
  10. Some DBAs analyze and report on corporate data to help shape business decisions.
  11. Produce entity relationship & data flow diagrams, database normalization schemata, logical to physical database maps, and data table parameters.
  12. Database administrators are proficient in one or more of the leading database management systems, such as, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL and Oracle.


  • Pre test
  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Case Study
  • Post test
  • Evaluation


Training Online, Three Days Online Training :

  • Via Aplikasi Zoom : Rp 6.500.000,- (Enam Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)

Training Offline, Three Days Offline Training :

  • Jakarta : Rp 7.500.000,- (Tujuh Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)
  • Bandung : Rp 8.500.000,- (Delapan Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)


Training Online

  1. Soft Copy Materi (Dikirim By Email)
  2. Seminar Kits (ATK) & Sertifikat Kehadiran (Dikirim Via JNE)

Training Offline

  1. Seminar Kits ( Handcopy Materi + ATK + Souvenir)
  2. Makan Siang
  3. Coffee Break
  4. Sertifikat


  1. Tanggal 30-31 Januari 2023
  2. Tanggal 22-23 Februari 2023
  3. Tanggal 29-30 Maret 2023
  4. Tanggal 27-28 April 2023
  5. Tanggal 29-30 Mei 2023
  6. Tanggal 26-27 Juni 2023
  7. Tanggal 26-27 Juli 2023
  8. Tanggal 30-31 Agustus 2023
  9. Tanggal 25-26 Spetember 2023
  10. Tanggal 30-31 Oktober 2023
  11. Tanggal 29-30 November 2023
  12. Tanggal 27-28 Desember 2023

*Jadwal Training masih tentative running apabila telah mencapai quota

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